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New APPA IR & DMM Remote Probe & Magnetic Hanging Kit

The New APPA TRMS DMM & Insulation Tester Comes fully optioned to make commissioning  and verification faster. The APPA 607 includes Remote Probe, Magnetic Hanging Kit, Test Leads, Alligator Clips, Temp Adaptor, Bead Probe, Protective Holster. This High Quality Unit Gives You All the Features You Could ever Need in one Unit.



  • The APPA 607 is a high performance multimeter featured with simple and smart insulation testing function 
  • Designed with innovative auto sensing backlit display to extend extra battery life
  • Low Pass Filter/High Frequency Rejection feature filtering the harmonics of motors and bypass the noisy of electrical equipment
  • Ergonomically designed remote test probe for repetitive testing without pressing the TEST button on the Tester/Meter  
  • Tests up to 20GOhm/22GOhm under testing voltage range as 50V,100V,250V,500V and 1000V 
  • CAT IV 600V safety standard
  • Extra large 10000 count display
  • 48 Segments analogue bar graph
  • Min Max AVG Feature
  • Store/Recall memories
  • Auto AC/DC Voltage Detection
  • AC/DC 1000V capability
  • AC/DC Current 100mA-400mA
  • Ohm Earth Bond Resistance/Continuity Beeper
  • Diode Test/Capacitance
  • Temperature -200/1200 Celsius Degree