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New Development of LV Insulating Mats to AS/NZS2978:1995

Innovation and maintaining our edge is the corner stone of our business, consistently developing products that solve problems or provide improved safety and work practices for Electricians. Working closely with our supply partners we are able to redesign products to comply with relevant Australian Standards and get the products to perform in the way our customers work. All our products have been “Tried and Tested", used and reviewed by real electricians so you know that the products and services we offer are the safest, best quality and above all great value for money.

After more than 12 months of exhaustive research and testing of different rubber constructions and compositions used in rubber insulating mats sourced from
Overseas and within Australia we found many of the existing products currently available were not cost effective or of poor quality.

In our research we found generally that insulated matting was manufactured to IEC, ASTM standards or was not compliant with AS/NZS2978:1995.
Poor quality rubber tended to split and tear easily and service life was reduced when stored rolled up for portable applications.

Electrical Factory Outlet have developed in conjunction with our supply partners
a new LV Insulating Mat to comply to AS/NZS2978:1995 to not only offer a high quality product but meet reasonable cost expectations of our Customers.

Recommended for protection of personnel where there is a possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors in domestic, commercial and industrial work areas.

Our Insulated rubber mats feature the below:

Manufactured to AS/NZS2978:1995 Class A high quality dielectric natural rubber.
X-cross technology matted finish on both sides for harder wearing and increased non-slip worker safety.
Increased thickness to 6.5mm and sized to 1000mm x 1000mm to allow a tolerance for industrial workplaces.
650V working voltage.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Regulatory mark clearly indicating the mats compliance.
Individual mat compliance tag as per AS/NZS 2978:1995.
Optional Roll up carry bag/ground protector with shoulder strap.