Electrical Insulated Mat AS/NZS 2978

Electrical Insulated Mat AS/NZS 2978
Brand: EFO
Model Number: MAT2978
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Electrical Insulated Mat Class A AS/NZS 2978:1995    

Product Information

Recommended for protection of personnel where there is a possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors in domestic, commercial and industrial work areas. Our Electrical Insulated Mat is manufactured of Natural rubber with X-CROSS technology non-slip surface. Manufactured to comply with The Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2978:1995


  • AS/NZS 2978:1995
  • Working voltage 650V
  • High quality dielectric rubber
  • Regulatory mark clearly indicating the mats compliance.
  • Individual mat compliance tag as per AS/NZS 2978:1995.
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Size 1000mmx1000mmx6mm
  • X-Cross technology surface.
  • Weight 10kg 


MATBAG : Convenient protective rollup carry bag which also can be used as a protective ground mat under the Electrical Insulated Mat. ( MAT2978 )

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