Independent Earth Trailing Lead

Independent Earth Trailing Lead
Brand: EFO
Model Number: ETL20SS
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Independent Earth Trailing Lead

Product Information

The New EFO Independent Earth Trailing Lead sets a new standard of quality and safety combining several innovative and functional features. Developed with leading utilities and supporting Australian manufacturing our Independent Earth trailing lead has a 1000V insulated handle, Stainless steel construction 
and functional drilling auger for easy driving. The ETL20SS incorporates a full custom brass bushing with a patented over moulded Earth Reel. The Earth Reel also has a fully adjustable Drag system to prevent over spooling and insure good Earth continuity when testing. The stackable 4mm banana 
plug allows for fast and easy connection to a variety of test equipment and accessories.      

Product Features 

Insulated Independent Earth Trailing Lead 20M
1000V Insulated Handle to eliminate the requirement to cover
the spike with an insulating mat.
20m of green flexible 1.0mm Cable 0.6/1kV 
Adjustable drag system without the use of tools
Option for direct connection via 4mm Banana plug
Brass Bushing for extra Low Resistance Connectivity
Stackable Banana Plug for multiple connections at service end
Stainless steel construction
Auger for easy driving


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